Demitri Papolos, M.D. and Janice Papolos
The Bipolar Child: "The Shot Heard Around the Psychiatric World"

The book that has become the acknowledged bible about pediatric bipolar disorder. Find out more

24: A Day in the Life of Bipolar Children and Their Families.

A DVD enhanced with music, photos, and additional footage.
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A pioneering, courageous, and potentially life-saving chronicle of the realities of living with a manic-depressive child….By listening to the parents’ stories, and profiting from the Papoloses groundbreaking research, an entire generation of children can get help and go on to lead productive lives. — Victoria Secunda, author of When Madness Comes Home

The Diagnostic Assessment Program for Juvenile Bipolar Disorder was designed for use in clinical and research settings to screen for bipolar disorder in children from parent and child reports. The program provides preliminary diagnostic and symptom severity measures, as well as scaled scores of other key symptom dimensions (anxiety, sleep/wake disturbance, mania sensory sensitivity and others). Read more