Update – 6 months later

I also have to report on John. He is doing great. This is the best Christmas he has ever had. He is enjoying our overwhelming large family and happy as can be. Usually his stability goes downhill from around thanksgiving right through the new year. Not this year!   Even with another slight reduction in risperdone he is still doing great.

FEAR False Evidence Appearing Real: A Poster Child for the Fear of Harm Subtype

When Johnny was born the nurses in the hospital appropriately nicknamed him “The Screamer”. Johnny continued to scream all day and night until the end of his second year; when he finally slept six hours without a tantrum or a night terror for the first time. Johnny would fight to get dressed, fight to stay dressed, fight to be held and fight to be left alone. We would spend hours trying to console him and took daily car rides in hope of a small nap to offer us all a moment’s relief. Naptime was when he practiced rocking his crib clear across his room, in a fit of rage. He was afraid to be alone even in the daylight and terrified of the night.  It was impossible to leave him with a babysitter and almost impossible for his parents to maintain composure alone with him. As time progressed, his newer nickname became “Johnny Rotten”; it was our sleep-deprived way of using humor to maintain our sanity. That same year we found ourselves at Yale begging for help from the most sought after physicians. How could a child this young be so difficult, act so threatened? As the night terrors continued so did the violent episodes. His tantrums lasted for hours and were accompanied with biting, scratching and throwing of objects.  He would attack his family members regularly and fight to be restrained.

Daniel – Case 6

Our 11-year-old son began ketamine treatment this summer and it has changed his life.  We had exhausted all options (hospitalizations, medication changes, therapists, five school switches) and nothing worked.

Josh – Case 5

My son, Josh, is now 10 years old and is one of five children. Josh joined our family when he was five weeks old.  He is a bi-racial child and we really have no medical history on his birth family.

Parent Follow-up – Case 3

C. B. – 8/27/11 I am following up with further comments about the progress we have seen since my previous post. Awe, amazing, a miracle…these words come to mind when I think of our daughter Aly. She is 15, and is in a metamorphosis of sorts. We have always known that inside Aly was a…