First Child Case Treated with Intranasal Ketamine – Mother’s Report

I am happy to share our experience with the ketamine Therapy, and I hope it will be helpful to those of you considering it for your child.

When my daughter Suzie (now 9) was in preschool she had oral surgery and, after much discussion with Dr. Papolos and an anesthesiologist, the oral surgeon decided to use ketamine to sedate Suzie.  Two previous sedations for ear tube surgeries and one tooth extraction had shown us that Suzie experiences paradoxical reactions to many of these meds, often derailing her mental stability, taking months to get back on track.

Well, God Bless this oral surgeon — and Dr. Papolos for deciding to try the ketamine!  Not only did it work effectively for the surgery and NOT derail her stability — it actually gave us back our daughter for a few days!  It was an accidental discovery.  Suzie woke up from that surgery and it was as if someone had taken away her bipolar disorder.  No separation anxiety, no sensory issues, increased clarity of thought and speech, affectionate, and more mature than we had ever seen.  It was truly amazing.  Unfortunately, it wore off after a day or too, but we made note of it for any future oral surgery, etc.

A few years later Suzie went for a sedated MRI.  With a great deal of coaxing, the anesthesiologist agreed to use ketamine to sedate her.  He was convinced that she might hallucinate, and experience other negative psychiatric side effects.  But, once again, Suzie woke up seemingly bipolar-free — with clarity of speech and thought, affectionate, and calm-bodied.