Before the Miracle (Ketamine)

Before starting this miracle medicine, I had no idea what I was missing. I was afraid of everything that my mind could make seem like it was a threat. I had uncontrollable heat flashes, trust issues, sleep issues. My family actually thought I was at the top of the climb, doing the best I had ever done, boy were they wrong. Even with four doses of medicine each day, I would have rages, meltdowns and just horrible days. Still, this was the most stable I had ever been.

After Ketamine

After starting Ketamine…. let’s just put it this way, my mom asked me
“What’s it feels like?” and I answered “Before it was like my eyes could watch as my words and touch destroyed everything I love, I could hear the protests but I could not do anything about it. Now my eyes are open in joy, I can see the happiness in my life. My voice is either song or laughter, not harsh words, my touch is filled with care and warmth not hurt and ice cold gestures.” This is the first time I’ve seen life through MY eyes, not the eyes of Bipolar. This miracle called Ketamine has definitely changed my life, if not saved it.

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  1. I am speechless.

    May the miracle continue and thank you for sharing this on the web.

    I hope my son will have the chance to try ketamine too in the hear future, beacause, as with you, eaven when he is at his best and way more stable than before medication, he is suffering so much and captured by moodswings, fears and rages.

    Thank you for telling us how you experience the difference!

    Annika in Sweden
    mother of a 10 years old boy

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