Our 11-year-old son began ketamine treatment this summer and it has changed his life.  We had exhausted all options (hospitalizations, medication changes, therapists, five school switches) and nothing worked.  Constant rages, deep feelings of inadequacy, and inflexibility, were the norm for Daniel.  We were desperate to find him help.  Then miraculously, we stumbled upon Dr. Papolos’s Fear of Harm criteria online.  The good news (and the bad news) was that he was a match, and it was treatable with ketamine.  He started treatment in July and it took about two months to get the dose correct.  Once we did, his behavior quickly changed.  Daniel says that he feels calm for the first time in his life.  He is markedly more cooperative, flexible, pleasant and positive.  Rather than trying to describe the changes, I decided to interview Daniel to share with all of you:

What are your feelings about Ketamine?
“It has worked wonders.  It is the best thing you could ever do. It has made me energetic, It has made me less angry, It took away my frustration, It will be the best choice you ever make.”

How did you feel before ketamine?
“I used to feel really tired, I used to feel really mad and frustrated, I used to have tantrums, I used to be sad.”

How do you feel since starting ketamine?
“Now I don’t feel sad, I just feel normal.  I also feel less heavy and sluggish.  I used to be really shy but now I feel comfortable and good about myself and talkative.  I feel like being with my family more.”

Final words about Ketamine:
“And now you see that all this worked out for the best.  My future will be the best ever because of this medication.”