C.B. 12/25/11
Today was a very special day. Today was Christmas, a wonderful, joyful time of year, that usually stresses and upsets A. The waiting, wondering and planning is all too much for her. This year was totally different. I do not recall- ever- a Christmas that A. did not melt down. We had actually learned to build “quiet time” into the day to minimize the stress/meltdowns.
This year, she was happy, relaxed, played, laughed and took a nap! There was a balance to the day, we have never experienced. Tomorrow we are visiting family, and she is looking forward to it! I can not thank you enough, for our Christmas miracle, the gift of the real A., compliments of ketamine.
Looking forward to a happy 2012…thank you. I used to wish, then I dared to hope, now I am simply grateful.

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  1. Hi Demitri,
    Reports such as this must be fabulous Christmas presents to you as well as the families.


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