Dr. Papolos received an invitation to be interviewed for a segment on NPR’s Weekend Edition on childhood bipolar disorder that aired Sunday 4/24/2016 at 9:00am.

The subject is being showcased because of a recent TEDx talk given by 16 year old Eric Walton, the son of Liza Long, who published an article, “I am Adam Lanza’s Mother” several days after the Sandy Hook killings. Her article went viral and she has been a powerful advocate for destigmatizing mental illness ever since.

A research associate, upon reading the article, recognized that Eric, who had been diagnosed with an alphabet soup of psychiatric conditions, sounded much like those children identified as having Fear of Harm, and she reached out to Liza Long to tell her about the syndrome. Shortly afterwards, Liza brought Eric to see Dr. Papolos for a consultation.

Hopefully, this will focus more attention on this condition as did the NPR Morning Edition piece three years ago.

Check back regularly for updated content on this topic and a link to the NPR interview as it becomes available online.

*** UPDATE: The segment is now available below and online at NPR


The Child Bipolar Questionnaire

The Child Bipolar Questionnaire (CBQ) is a reliable and sensitive diagnostic indicator for early onset bipolar disorder.

The Jeannie and Jeffrey Illustrated Interview for Children

The Jeannie and Jeffrey Illustrated Interview for Children (J/J) is the pediatric companion instrument to the CBQ. It is the first assessment tool for bipolar disorder designed specifically for children.

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