The Bipolar Child Blog

Research studies carried out with the support of the Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation have resulted in the identification of a specific subtype of pediatric bipolar disorder termed Fear of Harm that is estimated to affect at least 1/3rd of children diagnosed in the community with the condition (Bipolar Child Newsletters and Journal of Affective Disorders imgres).

This work has lead to some remarkable new insights into this condition; a clear definition of the condition that is easily identifiable (see Child Bipolar Questionnaire), a physiological marker that is associated with some deficit in thermoregulation imgres, and somatic treatments that have dramatic and enduring effects on the illness.

This blog will be devoted to the experience of parents and their children diagnosed with this subtype of the disorder.

Parent Response – Case 3

Pre-Ketamine and Post-Ketamine are almost the difference between living and being dead. As I look back at a mere 6 weeks ago, thinking that our daughter was “at the top of her game” I am utterly in shock. We were so thrilled that she was going to school and coping. We were thrilled that she…


Child Response – Case 3

Before the Miracle (Ketamine) Before starting this miracle medicine, I had no idea what I was missing. I was afraid of everything that my mind could make seem like it was a threat. I had uncontrollable heat flashes, trust issues, sleep issues. My family actually thought I was at the top of the climb, doing…


Parent Response – Case 2

I certainly hope that I am able to portray in this blog what a difference ketamine has made in George’s life. I believe it would be hard to accurately convey how profound this change has been, without providing some history about my son’s life. So, I hope you can forgive the length of this writing,…


Parent Follow-up – Case 3

C. B. – 8/27/11 I am following up with further comments about the progress we have seen since my previous post. Awe, amazing, a miracle…these words come to mind when I think of our daughter Aly. She is 15, and is in a metamorphosis of sorts. We have always known that inside Aly was a…


Josh – Case 5

My son, Josh, is now 10 years old and is one of five children. Josh joined our family when he was five weeks old.  He is a bi-racial child and we really have no medical history on his birth family.

Daniel – Case 6

Our 11-year-old son began ketamine treatment this summer and it has changed his life.  We had exhausted all options (hospitalizations, medication changes, therapists, five school switches) and nothing worked.