The Effectiveness of Ketamine in Adults & Youth

Recently, there has been a growing interest in ketamine as a rapid and effective treatment for people with depression and bipolar disorder who are resistant to other treatments. This video presents the cases of three individuals diagnosed with a newly defined subtype of bipolar disorder, Fear of Harm:

Intranasal Ketamine Video

Did you Listen to the NPR Morning Edition interview with Dr. Demitri Papolos?

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Nicholas Strouse, Director of the Westport Family Community Center interviews Demitri Papolos, MD

Dr. Papolos, talks about pioneering work using ketamine to treat children and adults that suffer with a common subtype of bipolar disorder, called Fear of Harm. Through a compelling narrative, Dr. Papolos tells of the all too common phenomenon of children who go untreated or receive inadequate treatment for a severe, sometime incapacitating condition that roils the family. Dr. Papolos explains how evidence based research has led to a new understanding of a very old condition, and a novel treatment that has a dramatic effect on the illness.

Listen to the interview:

Fear of Harm and Intranasal Treatment with Ketamine

Fear of Harm (FOH) is a “syndrome” or collection of behaviors and symptoms that occur along with a trait called fear-of-harm. The trait, which is heritable, is one of obsessive fear that harm will come to self and/or others.


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