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Read about the latest research findings and useful clinical information that can help your child and your family to better cope with this illness.

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Newsletter Archive

Vol. 25 – The Long Road to the Pharmacy

A few weeks ago, we listened to a radio broadcast produced by ABC Radio National in Australia whose topic was the diagnosis of bipolar disorder in young children. The segment begins with a send-up of the supposed American penchant for seeing psychiatric disorders everywhere. The listener hears a narrator intone: “You’ve heard about SARS, AIDS…


Vol. 22 – 24: A Day in the Life

Each week, millions of viewers tune into the hit show, 24. They watch as federal agent Jack Bauer of the Counter Terrorist Unit battles threats to national security, barely escaping with his life. The season unfolds in real time: each show depicts one hour; each season, 24. Every so often, a split-screen panel updates the…