Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation
The Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation (JBRF) is the first and only charitable organization dedicated to the support of research for the study of early-onset bipolar disorder. Demitri F. Papolos, M.D. is the director of research of JBRF, and Janice Papolos is a co-founder.

Individual Education Plan (IEP) Model for Bipolar Children
Each child is an individual with different social, emotional, and academic strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, their educational needs may vary from one season or school year to the next.

Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers to some of the most common questions parents ask about this illness. How would a doctor diagnose early-onset bipolar disorder? Is bipolar disorder in children the same thing as bipolar disorder in adults?

Online Resources
There are many excellent online resources available for families of children with bipolar disorder. Find helpful information at the sites listed here.

How to Start a Support Group
A rubber fence surrounds families of children with bipolar disorder, the stigma can bring terrible isolation. Starting or joining a group of other parents who share the same burdens can be of great psychological benefit.

Conferences & Presentations
Dr. Papolos is available as a speaker, workshop presentor, panel moderator/participant or training leader. He speaks around the country on the topic of childhood-onset bipolar disorder and associated co-occuring conditions.

The Bipolar Child Newsletter
Read about the latest research findings and useful clinical information that can help your child and your family to better cope with this illness.