Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation

The Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation (JBRF) is the first and only charitable organization dedicated to the support of research for the study of early-onset bipolar disorder. Demitri F. Papolos, M.D. is the director of research of JBRF, and Janice Papolos is a co-founder.

In addition to the major areas of research described on the site several features will be of special interest to the parents of bipolar children, and to their clinicians:



The Child Bipolar Questionnaire is a reliable and sensitive diagnostic indicator for childhood-onset bipolar disorder that is used in current JBRF-sponsored studies. Take the Child Bipolar Questionnaire.

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The Clinician Pathway Program

The Diagnostic Assessment Program for Juvenile Bipolar Disorder was designed for use in clinical and research settings to screen for bipolar disorder in children from parent and child reports. The program provides preliminary diagnostic and symptom severity measures, as well as scaled scores of other key symptom dimensions (anxiety, sleep/wake disturbance, mania, sensory sensitivity and others).

It includes two easy-to-use self-administered questionnaires; The Child Bipolar Questionnaire (CBQ) for parents and The Jeannie and Jeffrey Illustrated Interview for Children (J/J). Each may be completed in 15-20 minutes and offer the advantages of online administration and automatic scoring.

The CBQ was designed to assist clinicians in the early detection of pediatric bipolar disorder (PBD). The CBQ demonstrated excellent reliability and validity in psychometric testing, and has been found to be reliable and valid at predicting a bipolar diagnosis in youth age 5-17. All items on The Jeannie and Jeffrey Interview are keyed to CBQ items, allowing the clinician or researcher to combine parent and child reports for a more complete and thorough assessment.

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Educational Forums

Have a question about your child’s educational needs? Visitors can ask questions of experts and peers about any educational problem or solution.

In addition there is a 100,000-word monograph called The Educational Issues of Students With Bipolar Disorderimgres

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